Saturday, 15 April 2017

Beef with Ginger and Spring Onions

Beef with Ginger and Spring Onions – Serves 2

You know it’s hard when you lead a high-octane lifestyle such as mine to find the time to write a blog which nobody reads, which is a roundabout way of saying it’s been an age since I last posted anything

Like Chinese? Of course, you do, well unless you’re the Dali lama, in which case it’s probably not your go to option when you’ve had hard day meeting world leaders and poking the eye of Xi Jinping.

I’m cooking this loads at the moment, purely because I Love it. Warm spicing from the ginger, rich beefy but sweet sauce, freshness from the spring onions and steak, did I mention steak


1 Medium size steak (Fillet or Rib eye are best but rump or sirloin will do) Sliced thinly, against the grain
1 Large Brown/White onion cut into wedges
4 Spring onions cleaned and roughly chopped
2 Garlic Cloves finely chopped
1  4cm long piece of Ginger pealed and very finely sliced (that’s a rough guide, doesn’t have to be 4cm exactly)

200 ml beef stock (I use Knorr touch of taste, that comes in a bottle, that way you can make up as much or as little as you need)
1 Tsp Sugar
1 ½  Tbsp Light Soy Sauce
2 Tbsp Oyster Sauce
1 tbsp Shaohsing rice wine (Sherry will do but not as good)
 1 Tsp Cornflour

Mix all the sauce ingredients, except the cornflour together, wise to have a little taste, so it suits you

In a small bowl put the cornflour and add 1 tsp of the sauce mix, stir and repeat until you get a very thin and smooth paste, then stir into the remaining sauce mix

In a very hot Wok sear the beef in batches, use about 1 tsp of oil per batch and give it a couple a twists of black pepper, not strictly Chinese but I think this improves the flavour, fry until brown, remove the beef from the pan and put to one side – I would cook for no more than 1 min per batch

Fry the onions in the Wok, with another tsp of of oil, if it looks dry add a splash of water this will loosen things but without extra oil

When the onions are brown and softened slightly, add the garlic and ginger fry for a min

Stir again the sauce and add the sauce to the wok, bring to boiling point then simmer with a lid on, if your wok has one, for 10 mins, stirring every couple of mins

Add the spring onions, simmer for another min

Add the beef and stir through simmer for about 30 seconds as the beef is already cooked

That’s it, good to go – serve with rice