Allotment Tales

May 1st
More digging and weeding for me which is err just Dandy. With my row complete came the somewhat therapeutic smashing big lumps of dried soil with the fork.

At last Chris allowed me to plant some stuff. Chris is a fastidious sort so everything had to be just so, which is just what you need I guess when you're planting your crops for the year.
Admittedly it was only spuds but its a start, little acorns and all that

Work Harder Bitch

April 22nd 2011
Chris, as well as being my mate is a massive, massive sadist. Not content with ruining my back for life with the "digging" through on the existing plot, hes gone and agreed to take on the plot next door. At the moment the plot looks like a scene from a low budget disaster movie

Little Beirut

April 9th 2011
Sometime ago some part of my brain decided it would be a good thing to announce to Chris when he said he was thinking of getting an allotment that I would like to get involved and start a new adventure in food.

After spending the morning digging up great lumps of clay riddled soil then filtering out weeds and roots. My poor back has decided to protest. However it was actually quite rewarding to have turned a piece of scrub land into something we can grow food in