Thursday, 7 October 2010

Scallops and me Don't get on

As a food fan I'm supposed to be sent into a dreamy eyelid fluttering state at the mere mention of these seabound shell dwellers. Well frankly I've tried them twice now and to be honest I don't much care for them

The first time was when Lisa took me to a Michelin starred restaurant for my 40th. After sampling the holy grail of seafood I felt a little queasy but put that down to the celebratory bottle of wine I'd had before hand. The taste left me a little disappointed and with the thought of what's all the fuss about. But being a proper restaurant the stuff that came with it tasted divine so all was not lost  

So last night I ate in Cote - Horsham and again tried some seared scallops and again after about an hour I felt weird and woke up at 3:30 am with indigestion. Ok I had had a drink or two but surely this can't be coincidence

Apart from my stomach rebelling I've actually come to the conclusion that I don't like them much
After watching countless masterchefs and listened to Greg enthuse about sweet tasty scallops I was always of the opinion they must be great. Greg you're wrong they're not nice at all.
The texture is wrong, it's somewhere between what you'd imagine a snail to be like and a jelly. In fact its like a badly made fish flavoured pana cotta . Yuk

So you can keep your odd tasting wobbly little buggers and leave me with the black pudding and pea puree please

Obviously this is just my view and really I'm miffed I don't like something other people rave about. So if you do like them fair play to you they're just not for me 


  1. well you cant be expected to like everything - i love them but hate coriander which you insist is a taste sensation

  2. never had them to be fair but that does not mean you are to offer them to me when i next visit. Steak will be fine thank you.