Monday, 16 May 2011

Mozzarella Suprise Burgers

Burger recipes are like Flat Screen TV’s, Annoying Neighbours and Opinions on the NHS reforms …. Every buggers got one.

I’ve developed mine over time with the most recent addition being a little piece of mozzarella in the middle that melts into a delightfully stringy mess that kids love.

You could, I suppose, try other cheeses so long as they melt into something sufficiently oozy to keep your diners happy

The rest of the ingredients are my personal preferences but the guidelines are there for you to follow and get all inspirational and stuff

400g Quality Beef Mince
1 Red Onion Finely Chopped
2 Cloves of Garlic Finely chopped
2 Handfulls of Breadcrumbs
1 Teaspoon of Capers chopped
1 Chlli Chopped
10 basil leaves chopped
1 Handful of freshly grated Parmesan
1 Beaten Egg
1 Teaspoon of Sun Dried Tomato Paste
Dash of Worcestershire Sauce

So, couldn’t be simpler really place all the dry ingredients in the bowl, mix the wet ones together. Then mix the dry and the wet using a big wooden spoon and season well.

When sufficiently combined, place to one side and tear of nice chunky of mozzarella about the size of a walnut.

Now you’re ready for shaping your burgers.
Grab a chunk of the burger mix, its difficult to explain so grab a piece, roll it into a ball and then flatten into burger shape. Too Big take some out, too small … well you get the idea.

Ok so now you have your perfect size and still at the rolling into a ball stage.
Make a big Hole in the middle , push one of your mozzarella pieces into and then close the burger mix around it.
Flatten out into burger shape and place on a plate.
Repeat for all burgers and place in the fridge for 30 mins

Heat your cooking method of choice be it BBQ. Griddle or Frying pan and cook for around 10 mins flipping occasionally  but carefully as homemade burgers lose their shape quite easily

To test , stick a knife into the middle, pull out and touch against your lip .. if its ow that’s hot then its done, if not keep cooking

Serve how you like your burgers to be served


  1. I love burgers with cheese in the middle! Looks great!

  2. You certainly pack a lot of flavours into your burger! Love the mozzarella middle, I remember some gross burgers we used to buy years ago that had cheese in the middle, but it sure wasn't mozzarella.

  3. Flavour's the key otherwise you get the blandness you get in cheap supermarket frozen burgers.

    Cheese I had once, think it was a pub lunch, like Janice it wasnt mozzarella

  4. I love it! Stringy cheese as a surprise amongst all the lovely flavours in there. You are so right, Andrew. Kids would adore it! Must try it this summer.

  5. Well, I don't have my own recipe, but I like yours! The range of ingredients you have in here would really suit my tastes - and the mozzarella would delight my little one. Is 09.30 in the morning too early for burgers?!