Thursday, 19 April 2012

Gamberetto e Cannellini (Beans and Prawns on Toast)

Ok I’ll admit it’s not quite beans on toast but there’s some toast right and the beans that there are, are on it, so there you go eh!

Another one of my own creations and one that I really like, not for Lisa unfortunately as she doesn't like the texture of beans.

I say this a lot but this really is very simple and even more delicious, the whole thing takes about 20 mins start to finish, honest guv.

There’s something altogether fresh and clean about the dish. I think this is Italian in its nature, as I saw something with beans and prawns in an Italian restaurant once. This dish exemplifies the Italian approach of a few good ingredients cooked well.

The chilli gives it just the right amount of kick. The wine and lemon add the perfect balance of acidity to the beans

It’s surprisingly filling and wonderfully tasty, best though as a light meal

You could go the whole hog and use uncooked prawns but that’s just showing off.

1 Shallot finely chopped
2 Garlic cloves finely chopped
1 Garlic Clove peeled
225g Jumbo cooked king prawns
1 Red Chilli Finely Chopped
400g Tin of cannellini beans drained
150 ml of dry white wine
2 slices of thick country bread (baguette will do) per person
Olive Oil
Squeeze of lemon juice
Handful of chopped parsley

Gently fry the shallot and garlic for a couple of mins in a large frying pan, season with salt and pepper

Throw in the prawns and fry for a min or two
Add the wine and reduce by half
Add the beans and simmer for about 5 mins
Meanwhile toast both side of the bread and rub with the clove of Garlic when toasted
Drizzle good olive oil onto the toast and arrange onto a plate
Stir in the chilli and parsley, season to taste, then spoon onto the toast
Squeeze a little bit of lemon juice over each plate
Drizzle over with more extra virgin olive oil

Best with a glass of dry white wine


  1. No, no, no . . . this sounds divine and looks absolutely gorgeous. Much, much better than the abominable beans on toast!

    1. This is so clever and a truly original witty idea.Congratulations. I love beans on toast but this......
      I cant wait to make it.Thank you