Saturday, 15 March 2014

Brunch Burger

Of all the places to be inspired by, McDonalds would not be my first thought but it was Maccy D’s where I first experienced this meat, cheese and egg delight. Admittedly it was early morning and I was somewhat hung-over but from thereon in I was hooked.

I’d had this in mind for quite a while now and two things prompted me into action. A Nigel Slater book for Christmas which had almost this exact recipe and a special nod to Caroline Taylor who blogged about this a few months ago.

So, Sausage, egg, bacon and cheese inside a toasted muffin, drooling yet?

By using quality sausages and bacon you’ll get a robust and meaty flavour, the cheap n cheerful burger cheese adds that dairy hit and finally the runny yolk completes the picture. It’s worth seeking out a good muffin as well and Sainsbury’s Cheese and black pepper ones work wonderfully

Perfect for Dinner (lunch) Breakfast or after the pub, If you like the odd McMuffin but feel somewhat unclean eating breakfast at McDonalds then give this a go.

Makes 5 Burgers
4 Good quality pork Sausages
5 Rashers of Smokey Bacon, chopped
5 Eggs
5 Muffins
5 slices of burger cheese (Cheese slices) you can try cheddar or anything you want really

Using a knife, slit each of the sausages, remove the skin and place the meat in a bowl with the bacon
Season with a few twists of salt and pepper
Mix together well , then, using your hands shape into 5 even size balls, making sure they are tight and compact
Using your fingers gently shape each ball into a flat burger shaped Patty

Halve each muffin and toast until golden brown under the grill

Heat a small amount of olive oil in a large frying pan

Place the patties gently into the oil and fry, turning frequently until each side has a colour akin to marmite.

Place a slice of cheese onto each burger and melt under the grill

Fry your eggs as you like them, its worth it trying to time these to cook as the burgers are going under the grill

Put the burger on one half of the muffin, place the egg on top , top with the final half and your ready to enjoy your meaty, cheesy runny yolked delight.

Serve with a cup of Builders Tea

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