Wednesday, 23 March 2011

It's all a bit Wallace and Gromit

A grand day out and some cracking cheese made Saturday a most enjoyable day.

Spurred on by the reappearance of the big orangey thing in the sky we decided to go out for the day. One of the great things about Stoke On Trent is, that it’s fairly near to lots of other places that aren’t Stoke. So with a hankering for the great outdoors the three of us (Lisa, me and Freddie the dog) headed west to Wales and in particular Llandudno. Obviously there was a food twist to our trip out in the shape of farm shop selling welsh produce, in particular Lamb

The Journey was enlivened by a detour courtesy of TomTom through Towyn where we experience the local tradition of two spherically challenged women wandering down the main road in their pyjamas.

Despite the best efforts of the roadworks on the A55 we made good time and within a couple of hours we found ourselves on  beachcombing for rocks and Sea Glass (No I didn’t know either)

Llandudno if you’ve never been, is a quaint little place full of Victorian sea front properties, a pebble beach and sea so clear it wouldn’t be out of place in the Med.
Lunch was provided by the contents of the ever trusty cool box whilst sheltering from the wind in the car

After a morning wandering up and down the beach we headed in land in search of some serious countryside. This was abandoned when TomTom, which was supposed to be guiding us to a place of local interest, started directing me up a track with grass growing in the middle. So we cut our losses and drove to the always reliable Betwsycoed.

Again for the uneducated, Betwsycoed is a beautiful little town at the edge of Snowdonia. There are more walking equipment and Woollen  Mill shops on the high street than is healthy, it has crystal clear river running along side it and is surrounded by some breathtaking mountains, forests, hills and more idyllic things than you can shake a .whole bundle of sticks at.

It felt so good to be outside and enjoying the fresh air and made a great change from the usual weekend.

At last the real reason for the day out (not really Lisa, honest) Min-Y-Morfa Farm Shop. Located just off the A55, the shop was packed full of locally produced goodies. As well as the expected Beef, Lamb Chicken and Veg etc…. they had good array of cheeses and fair amount of wild venison. I opted for a shoulder of Lamb and some wonderful Little Black Bomber Cheddar from the Snowdonia Cheese Company oh and a bag of spuds.

The Lamb was OK, that taste was fairly rich but I have had better and there was little meat on it. For £10 I expected to make more than 5 portions

The cheese though was brilliant and would definitely have it again

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